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Massage & Bodywork

Therapeutic Massage with Aromatherapy


A customized session designed specifically for your goals by integrating a variety of bodywork styles and custom-blended essential oils.  The possibilities are endless as your skilled therapist tailors a one-of-a-kind session just for you.


Relaxing Swedish, Trigger Point, Sports, Deep Tissue, Integrated Energy Therapy®, Cupping, Edgar Cayce, and many more styles can be incorporated.

60 minute session      $125

75 minute session      $145 (recommended for first visit to include consult)

90 minute session      $175

120 minute session     $232

Aroma Bliss Bodywork with Custom Roller Ball Blend


Take a journey through fields of lavender, deep into the forest, or perhaps you'll choose a citrus boost, or chakra balancing. The possibilities are endless! Treat yourself massage therapy or energy work combined with pure essential oils specifically chosen for your preferences immerse you in head-to-toe aromatherapy bliss. Includes a custom blending session to create a personal roller bottle to take home.


75 minute session      $159

90 minute session      $186

120 minute session     $242

​Integrated Energy Therapy®​ (In office & distance)


I.E.T is a hands-on form of energy work that is both subtle, yet powerful.  It is known for "getting the issues out of the tissues" by releasing blockages and patterns in our body which are limiting.  Both balancing and realigning, it is performed while the patient is clothed (unless combined with massage). Typically 45-60 minutes needed for a full-session. Can be incorporated into any massage or bodywork session.

*Also available as a distance therapy in the comfort of your home. It can be sent to you at a time of your request followed by a phone or email consult.


Pricing same as massage. Also available in combo sessions.

Distance session $125+ 75-90 minutes with notes emailed following

Prenatal Massage


Specialized massage designed for expecting mothers throughout the term of pregnancy as well as postpartum to aid in recovery.  It is especially beneficial to mother and baby using techniques to target specific areas of tension, calm and to help the body prepare for labor and birth.  Excellent for back pain, muscle cramps and pelvic pain due to structural/postural issues associated with pregnancy.  Also helpful for edema (swelling), stress reduction, emotional support and recovery for the mother during this life changing year.

75 minute session     $145

90 minute session     $175 (recommended to allow time for assessment and massage)


Packages available as a gift or for mother to use at any time during pregnancy and postpartum.  See packages on side bar.


Chakra Anointing Aromatherapy


Balancing and aligning for the body, this session uses specially created blends of essential oils placed directly on the body for each of the seven chakras. Combined with your choice of therapy following the anointing you get to design your treatment.  Usually combined with scalp massage, foot reflexology or back and neck massage.  You will leave feeling refreshed and renewed.


See Therapeutic massage pricing.


Body & Spirit Balance​


Two hours! 75 minutes of aromatherapy massage complete with grounding foot reflexology and 45 minutes of energy-balancing I.E.T.®


120 minute session     $232

Massage Therapy | Inner Peace Wellness | Chesapeake & Herndon, Virginia

"Christy is an excellent therapist and will tailor your massage to exactly what you want and need. I have seen her at different times when my body needed something completely different from previous visits.  She has helped me recover from a fall as well as other specific problem spots at different times.  She is extremely intuitive, and I have learned something from her during every visit."  Doris R.  Reston, Va.

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