Cold Weather Specials

Winter Escape-

Enjoy a perfect escape with therapeutic massage or balancing energy work combined with an exfoliating sea salt treatment for your back or feet and custom-blended aromatherapy. 90-minutes to relax and renew.90-minutes to relax and renew. $145 (regularly $165)


Energetic Escape with Chakra Anointing & Reflexology

Enjoy this wonderfully aromatic escape. Specially blended essential oils created to balance the energy centers of the body followed by a full Integrated Energy Therapy season and ending with grounding foot reflexology. It's heavenly! $144 (regularly $155)

Treat for the Feet-
Pure joy! Relax with an exfoliating aromatherapy sea salt foot scrub followed by relaxing reflexology foot massage and watch all your stress melt away. $89



​Perfect for teachers, nurses, or as an addition to a gift basket!

Mini Stress Buster

A 45-minute treat focusing on the back, neck, and shoulders to release tension and de-stress. Combined with custom aromatherapy blending to get the most out of your session, this is a perfect mini escape. Great for those with busy schedules, tense bodies from sitting at a desk or long commutes. $89

Precious Rose Massage and Oil Set- $225
Gift your loved one with a precious oils gift set with Rose, Neroli, and Jasmine essential oils plus a 60-minute relaxing rose massage gift certificate to enjoy.
*Add ons- specially priced with gift certificate purchases
Decorative 1000 sq. ft. ultrasonic essential oil diffuser plus one bottle of peppermint included. $65
Aromatherapy diffuser necklace with felt pads plus one bottle of select essential oil for $27



Precious Flowers EO Set  $125


A wonderful three-bottle collection of Rose, Jasmine, and Neroli oils. Powerful floral essential oils for energetic, emotional, and physical well-being.
Children's Plush animal with diffuser pack plus bottle of kids synergy $22
Kidsafe Oil Singles or Set $10-39
Assorted Essential Oils Singles or Synergies Available
Organic Create-Your-Own Herbal Linen Floral Sachets   $5 each or 3 for $12
Choose from lavender buds, chamomile, calendula, and roses!
Single item pricing:
Ultrasonic Diffuser $59
Diffuser Necklace $18
Aluminum Inhaler with custom blend included $7
Essential Oils (while supplies last):
Bergamot   $12
Black pepper  $13
Black spruce   $16*
Copaiba  $9
Sweet orange $8
Juniper berry   $11
Lavender fine French   $17*
Lavender Bulgarian   $11
Lemon   $10
Lemongrass (high myrcene)   $9
Peppermint   $13
Rosemary cineole   $11
Happy Dreams   $11
Sine Ease   $13*
Relax   $11
Flu foil    $11
Kidsafe blends: Calming the Child ($12), Nighty Night ($16)*, Germ Destroyer ($13)
*Small additional fee if chosen for gift set
Serene Living Morocco Diffuser