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Current Specials-

Services and prices vary by location. See scheduler for pricing and availability.

Spring Treat for the Feet

It's time for a little pampering to get those toes ready for summer shoes. This session dedicates 30 minutes to your tootsies with a sea salt exfoliating scrub and foot reflexology massage plus an hour for therapeutic massage. Custom aromatherapy included, too.

Reset & Restore

Enjoy a 90-minute escape beginning with an energy balancing Chakra Anointing with specially blended essential oils on each of the energy centers followed by a relaxing full-body massage to thoroughly balance and unwind. It's the perfect combination to recover from a stressful week.


Body & Spirit DUO Package-

Nearly 3 hours of self care in two sessions! Enjoy a 90-minute therapeutic massage with Mandy or Christy, then we schedule your 75-minute follow up Distance Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) session in the comfort of your home with Master-Instructor Christy to facilitate balance and healing for body, mind, and spirit. Save $27 with this package. It's a great combination for those who are feeling stuck, stagnant, or carrying the weight of past trauma or situations that are difficult to resolve or move forward. Following your massage with energy therapy allows us to subtly clear these blockages or issues from both the physical and energetic bodies to facilitate deeper healing and help restore balance. See the IET tab for more information.


Pick 3 Escape-


Enjoy a 75-minute Pick 3 or 90-minute Pick 4 escape of your own design. Choose three or four of the following: Stress buster massage, Aromatherapy scalp/face massage, Aromatherapy hand or foot massage, Sea salt exfoliating foot or back scrub, or balancing chakra aroma anointing.





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