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Current Specials (subject to change without notice)

Moment of Peace- Mini Energy Session- 20 minutes

Feel the ahhh! This distant mini energy session is designed to facilitate peace in the mind, body, and the energy field. This gentle clearing is ultra calming and is meant to anchor you in a peaceful state despite craziness around you. It offers the opportunity to release any heavy energies that are weighing you down or are limiting. You will schedule for a time that you can sit quietly and undisturbed for best results and bask in the pleasant energy. I will text at the start of the session as I prepare to begin. Message if you don't see a time available in the scheduler. $29

Calm in the Chaos-

90 minutes just to yourself geared toward slowing down the mind and body by calming the nervous system. It's perfect for yourself or loved ones to calm and de-stress during times when life gets hectic. Start your session with a warm hot pack and breathing in a calming custom aromatherapy blend with chamomile, bergamot, and rhododendron oils. Slip deeper into a relaxed state with therapeutic body massage combined with relaxing hand and foot reflexology to transport you to a peaceful state. This promo rate available for a limited time. $155

Reset & Restore

 Enjoy a 90-minute escape beginning with an energy balancing Chakra Anointing with specially blended essential oils on each of the energy centers followed by a relaxing full-body massage to thoroughly balance and unwind. It's the perfect combination to recover from a stressful week. $165


Body & Spirit DUO Package-

Nearly 3 hours of self care in two sessions! Enjoy a 90-minute therapeutic massage with Mandy or Christy, then we schedule your 75-minute follow up Distance Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) session in the comfort of your home with Master-Instructor Christy to facilitate balance and healing for body, mind, and spirit. Save $27 with this package. It's a great combination for those who are feeling stuck, stagnant, or carrying the weight of past trauma or situations that are difficult to resolve or move forward. Following your massage with energy therapy allows us to subtly clear these blockages or issues from both the physical and energetic bodies to facilitate deeper healing and help restore balance. See the IET tab for more information. $276


Pick 3 Escape-


Enjoy a 75-minute Pick 3 or 90-minute Pick 4 escape of your own design. Choose three or four of the following: Stress buster massage, Aromatherapy scalp/face massage, Aromatherapy hand or foot massage, Sea salt exfoliating foot or back scrub, or balancing chakra aroma anointing. $138/$165
Treat for the Feet-

It's all about the feet! Relax as you enjoy an exfoliating custom-blended aromatherapy sea salt foot scrub followed by soothing reflexology foot massage and watch all your stress melt away. 60-minutes $125

​Mini Stress Buster

60-minutes focused specifically on the back, neck, and shoulders to release tension and de-stress. Combined with custom aromatherapy blending to get the most out of your session, this session is perfect for busy schedules,tense bodies from sitting at a desk, or long commutes. $115

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