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We Listen.
We tune in to the signals of the body, take in to consideration the stresses in your life, and your goals for visiting to design your healing session. Whether you choose gentle and soothing work, deep tissue and focused bodywork, Integrated Energy Therapy, or perhaps a combination, we are here for you.

Our years of experience and intuitive sense guide us to pull from a range of therapeutic techniques and/or energy therapies to get results and help you on your journey whether physical, emotional, or spiritual.

Young woman enjoying massage in spa

Massage & bodywork

designed with YOU in mind​

  • Customized sessions tailored to YOUR wellness goals
  • Experience- 25+ years in clinical, spa, and studio settings
  • Aromatherapy included in all sessions
  • Full Sessions. No 50-minute hours here
  • Longer session times for results
  • Body, Mind, Spirit Approach
  • Convenient locations
  • Freedom to combine multiple therapies in one session
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